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OptoGlo Custom Solar Signs

How it works!

Optoglo’s Solar Signs require sunlight for power. The Solar Signs charge during the daytime, store energy in a battery, and glow up to six hours at night! We offer indoor and outdoor signs.

Indoor solar signs can be attached directly to your window using the provided adhesive tape, or stand freely using the window stand accesory. !

Outdoor solar signs are often placed in a yard and secured into the ground using the ground insert accesory.

All in one!

The Optoglo Solar Sign is all in one! This means no batteries, charging cables or adapters are required.

Put your sign outdoors and watch it glow, it’s that simple.

How long does it glow?

The solar panel is located on the front side. (Hidden underneath your image)

For the best results, face the solar panel in the South, East, or West directions. Avoid facing North as the sunlight exposure is not as strong in that direction.

Just 3 hours of direct sun exposure will make your image glow at night!