OptoGlo PPE Q & A

Q: Are face shields effective in deterring infection? 
A: See Face shields a more effective deterrent to COVID?

Q: Is OptoGlo profiteering by selling COVID PPE? 
A: No! OptoGlo is making Cap Shields in the USA to support first responders, frontline heroes, and members of the general public seeking to limit virus exposure from face touching and short-range person to person contact. To date, OptoGlo has donated 3,000 Cap Shields via our partner charity. See: https://www.futuresolutionsfoundation.org

Q: Is the Cap Shield a multi-use face shield?
A: Yes. But it should be regularly cleaned with soap and water after use. Further, a cap shield should never be shared.

Q: Are Cap Shields FDA Approved?
A: Yes, under the Emergency Use Authorization, dated April 13, 2020, the FDA has authorized the production of Face Shields that meet CDC design guidance.