Instruction Video Coming Soon!

Start: Move the folded OptoPallet to the desired location

Step 1: Move the OptoStand into an upright position

Step 2: Locate and lightly loosen the thumbscrews holding the latch at the bottom of the OptoStand (two screws on each side). Undo the latch on each side (one latch on each side)

Step 3: Unfold the OptoStand into its triangular position. The cable at the top will stop the OptoStand from opening too far

Step 4: Locate and remove the thumbscrews on the inside of the stand that hold the center hinge in place

Step 5: Drop the center hinge into place. It should rest on the corresponding bar on the other arm of the OptoStand

Step 5b: Replace the screws that were previously holding the center hinge in place, and secure so that they don’t fall out

Step 6: Locate and loosen the thumb screws on the two center hinge blocks. Move these blocks over the center hinge and tighten to secure the center hinge in place

Step 7: To enable the signs on the OptoStand to light up, locate the thumb screws securing the magnet bar(s) on the front of the sign, and loosen them slightly. Note that each individual sign will have at least 1 magnet bar, and some signs will have two or more. Each magnet bar must be moved to ensure proper operation of the signs

Step 8: Move the magnet bar off of the sign to a position parallel with the outer black frame. Re-secure the magnet bar in place by tightening the thumb screw. The sign will now begin to light up. Note that the light-up sequence will occur gradually over the next half hour.

End: Congratulations, you now have a OptoStand ready to wow with its bright, solar-powered signs!