Instruction Video Coming Soon!

Start: You have a pallet full of OptoStands, waiting and ready to be deployed

Step 1: Locate the two thumbscrews on the underside of the bars next to the top of the OptoStands

Step 2: Remove each of these screws

Step 3: Lift up the two securing latches in front of the OptoStand to be removed (one on each side)

Step 4: Pull the retaining bar at the top of the OptoStand out, and then rotate it up to release the OptoStand

Step 5: Remove the OptoStand from the OptoPallet. Note that you may need to move additional retaining bars as you remove signs that are further in the back

Step 6: Until the OptoPallet is empty, return to step 3 and repeat with the next OptoStand

Step 7 (Optional): Lower the securing latches on the bottom of the OptoPallet

End: Your OptoPallet is empty, and you are now ready to begin using your OptoStands!