Instruction Video Coming Soon!

Start: You have an empty or partially loaded OptoPallet that needs to be filled

Step 1: Open any closed securing latches on the bottom of the OptoPallet that are not currently restraining an OptoStand

Step 2: Place an OptoStand onto the OptoPallet, aligning the OptoStand’s wheels along the tracks on the bottom of the OptoPallet

Step 3: Move the OptoStand back along the rails to available location closest to the closed end of the OptoPallet

Step 4: Rotate the OptoStand upright until it is parallel either to the back of the OptoPallet or to the OptoStand immediately behind it. It should rest against the rubber bumper on either the retaining bar and securing latches holding the next OptoStand or the back of the OptoPallet. Note that you may have to move additional retaining bars as you rotate the OptoStand upwards

Step 5: Once the OptoStand is upright, lower the two securing latches at the base of the OptoStand

Step 6: Rotate the retaining bar in front of the OptoStand and push it towards the back of the OptoPallet until it fits snugly against the OptoStand

Step 7: Until all available slots in the OptoPallet have been filled, or there are no other OptoStands to load, return to step 2

Step 8: Once all of the OptoStands have been loaded into the OptoPallet, locate the two thumb screws and their respective holes under the retaining bar in the front of the OptoPallet

Step 9: Screw in each of the two thumbscrews

End: You have a loaded OptoPallet, ready for storage or transport!