How it Works:

howitworks-outdoorjpg.jpg howitworks-indoorjpg.jpg
  • Sun light passes through image and into solar panel
  •  Installation Options:
    •  Adhere to outdoor surface
    •  Install In-ground
  • Sample Uses:
    • Yard Sign
    • Promotion/Logo
  • Special Note:
    • Image side can be adhered to window,
      but performance may vary due
      to light filtration by the Window.
  • Backside of sign must face sun (window)
  • Sign activated by an on/off switch
  • Auto Illumination shut off during daylight
  • Not waterproof. Indoor only.
  • Installation Options:
    • Adhesion to Window
    • Window Stand
  •  Sample Use:
    • Night Light
    • Back light Photographs
    • Back light Art