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OptoGlo solar signs shine bright at night.

Composed of a revolutionary printable advanced material that collects sunlight to generate illumination power, OptoGlo super-thin signs light up at night! Select a sign from OptoGlo’s Sign Library, or build your own custom sign. Making a sign that can be seen at night has never been easier. OptoGlo signs are only 5 mm thick and weatherproof. No wires. No external solar panels. No electric bill. Getting your message to glow bright at night has never been easier due to OptoGlo’s patent-pending advanced light and weather sensing technologies. Just install your OptoGlo sign in a sunny area and it lights at night. A metal body ensures long life while HP-Latex Inks provide vibrant and durable imagery. OptoGlo’s signs have been designed to achieve 3-6-3. This means, on average, 3 hours of sunlight produce 6 hours of night illumination, with a 3-day back-up battery reserve to ensure operation during bad-weather streaks. Wall, ground, pole, and fence installation options are available for each OptoGlo sign. Proudly built to the highest-quality standards in the USA, OptoGlo’s solar signs offer a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee if dissatisfied for any reason. 

Operational Specifications:

For best performance, install in an area that receives a minimum of three hours of direct sunlight per day. Avoid installation in heavily-shaded areas Notice: OptoGlo does not guarantee compliance with local ordinances related to sign illumination. OptoGlo’s signs are not recommended for critical illumination.