Custom Sign

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Custom-Solar-powered 4x4 inch signs that shines bright at night.

Sign Types: Two sign types are available, one-side illumination and double-sided illumination. Single sided signs shine bright at night on one side only. Double sided signs shine bright in both directions. 

SUPPORTED FILE FORMATS: PNG and JPEG files are accepted. Minimal resolution is 100 pixels per inch. (400x400 pixels for a 4x4 inch sign)

Sun Exposure: Signs require a minimum of eight hours of sunlight exposure per day, with a minimum of three hours of bright sunshine. AVOID SHADE is possible.

Illumination: The Sign is designed to deliver 6 hours of illumination. Just 3 hours of direct sunlight will make your sign glow for 6 hours at night. 

Sign Life: OptoGlo 4x4 inch signs are designed to last 400 days. (Larger signs have replaceable batteries to ensure long sign life.