Founded to bring new technologies to the sign industry, Massachusetts-based OptoGlo launched its first product line in September 2021. Using a unique patent pending solar-powered illumination technology, OptoGlo products are the first no-compromise solar signs in the world, with not just one but many innovative features.

OptoGlo products grew out of company research that indicated what sign buyers wanted was the benefits of solar — illumination, works anywhere, no electricity costs — without drawbacks like heavy, unattractive solar arrays and low-tech external lighting. The company’s technology research indicated this could be achieved by combining five recent technological breakthroughs:

  • Smaller, higher-powered batteries that can be engineered to be just a few millimeters thick.
  • More efficient LED lights.
  • Wafer-thin sheets that can guide and diffuse LED-generated light.
  • Wafer-thin solar collection cells that can be embedded in a thin, tough, weather-resistant panel.
  • Sign-printing inks that are just as vivid but allow 70% of sunlight to reach the embedded solar cells.

From its headquarters in Leominster, Massachusetts, OptoGlo handles all aspects of its solar sign business operations, including design, engineering, manufacturing and printing.