The Classic A-Frame, Reinvented

A-Frames have always been a workhorse, but OptoGlo A-Frames work harder and smarter. Instead of disappearing with the sun, these signs only grow more visible. They go anywhere. There are no plugs or cords. They’re incredibly versatile. And changing your message is as easy as swapping in a new printed insert.

Double-Sided A-Frame
24” x 36” – $399

Includes ground installation hardware & security anchor.

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Additional Printed Inserts
24″ x 36″ – $60 per print

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Advertising & Event Promotions

Ideal for store or restaurant promotions. Key vendors will love the ability to promote their products so close to your location!

Parking & Wayfinding

On corporate and college campuses as well as in cities and parks, OptoGlo’s highly visible glow alerts visitors that information is available.

Safety & Construction

Use for all types of safety messages that require visibility after dark, but powering illumination is not possible or affordable to do.