The Planet has spoken.
And, we listened.

OptoGlo has invented a new solar-powered advanced material that is changing the the way the world lights up signs!

Proud to be Double ZERO!

OptoGlo has integrated battery power, solar cells, and an amazing new lighting technology into a thin print-ready sheet, changing the way the world lights up signs FOREVER.

OptoGlo signs are thin, wireless, waterproof, solar-powered, and inexpensive to install with ZERO operating cost and ZERO carbon emissions!

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Parking Signs

OptoGlo signs feature breakthrough solar-powered lighting technology that eliminates the need for electrical wiring; creating an easy-to-install, low-cost, customizable night messaging solution.

Event Signs

OptoGlo signs are bright day or night - providing night wayfinding and advertising solutions for outdoor events, including: music festivals, sports tournaments, commencements, conventions, and holiday light shows.

OptoGlo is a solar powered lighting company that is currently changing the way the world lights up signs.

We manufacture our lighting products, including our amazing solar-powered sign panels, in Leominster, Massachusetts, where we also operate an HP Certified Print facility. OptoGlo's lead investor is Morningside Ventures of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Company was founded in 2014 by Kevin Donahue and Michael Browne. Kevin is the current CEO and CTO of OptoGlo, Inc.

OptoGlo is dedicated to making the world a better place by producing environmentally friendly products and providing fair employment regardless of an employee's race, religion or sexual orientation. We provide equal pay for equal work regardless of educational background. And, in all cases, we seek to be a great and reliable partner when dealing with our production partners and customers.

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Whether your business is large scale events, stadiums, multi-location parking, or simple wayfinding, OptoGlo can help light the way.

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