Say hello to OptoGlo: the first sign that looks great both day and night.

By day, it’s a crisp, clean, professional sign. By night, it glows brightly from within, lighting up your message for as long as six hours.

During daylight, you’d never guess it was a solar sign. There’s no clunky solar cells or wires and it has a great streamlined look. At night, it keeps on working for you, whether your using it for sales, wayfinding, events or safety. In either mode, it delivers vibrant colors, sharp imagery, and the flexibility of having permanent or changeable messaging.

Charge Time
Illumination Time
Battery Backup

Changeable A-Frame Signs for Advertising and Event Promotions

OptoGlo can make your sale or special event stand out from the crowd and give your function extra flair!

Solar-Powered Illuminated Parking Signs

With OptoGlo, everyone will find the valet service, the drop-off location, the self-parking and related features.

Wayfinding Signs & Directories For Parks, Venues and Campuses

OptoGlo signs work as well in a country field as on a city sidewalk. And nobody has to be lost in the dark.

Yard Signs: Real Estate, Political, Contractor, Celebration & Cause

OptoGlo’s standout features are perfect for real estate work, charity event promotions and political advertising.

Mounted Signs Promoting Safety & Security

The risks of injury or security breaches don’t stop at night. Fixed or portable, OptoGlo solar signs offer a wide range of safety and security uses.

Construction-Related Solar Signs

OptoGlo signs can be permanently mounted — and still offer fixed or changeable messages. Many uses in many situations.


OptoGlo signs use an innovative, patent pending technology that allows the solar cell, battery and LEDs to be built invisibly right into the sign.

  • During the day, layers of materials funnel UV light evenly to the solar cells, which charge the lithium polymer (LIPO) battery.
  • A built-in smart-technology timer activates the LEDs that provide a bright, even glow that lights the sign from within.
  • Even with its many layers of technology for different functions, all OptoGlo signs are lightweight, durable, waterproof, and amazingly thin — less than a quarter of inch thick.