Stock Sign

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Solar-powered 4x4 inch sign that shines bright at night. Select from an ever-expanding library of standard images.

Sign Types: Two sign types are available, indoor and outdoor. An Indoor Sign is a night light. It backlights an image for interior viewing and has an on/off switch. It can be adhered to a window or placed in a window stand on a window sill. An Outdoor Signs backlights an image for outdoor (exterior) viewing. It is waterproof. It can be adhered to an exterior surface or placed in the ground with the ground stand option. (A window stand is an option, but is not recommended.)

Sun Exposure: Signs require a minimum of eight hours of sunlight exposure per day, with a minimum of three hours of bright sunshine. AVOID SHADE is possible.

Illumination: Indoor signs are designed to provide overnight illumination. Outdoor signs are designed to deliver 6 to 8 hours of illumination.

Sign Life: OptoGlo 4x4 inch signs are designed to last 400 days. (Larger signs have replaceable batteries to ensure long sign life.

Sample Uses:

Indoor Sign: Night Light. 

Outdoor Sign: Yard Sign. Memorial Decoration. Security Notice. Logo. Charity Support.